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    Work is currently underway on the Lemon Life RP server. making it not yet playable.
    We work very hard every day to make this project a reality.
    We try to get the server to go as soon as possible so that it can be played, so that we can be in Alpha state.
    We do not have an exact date in mind, since there is still a lot to be done.



    What can you expect in the sever and what does LemonLifeRP actually mean?

    LemonLifeRP will become a Roleplay server where you start at the bottom of the ladder with a small amount of money.
    You will have to look for a job to earn a income, you will also be able to start your own business and hire people.
    We have also added custom vehicles to the server with beautiful textures.
    Here you have to think of, Cars, planes, helicopters, motorbikes and more.
    We intend to make several cities and towns in the future. but our main goal at the moment is to finish at least one town.
    You will also have to buy your own house, or maybe it is wise to get your life on the road by first renting a hotel room for a few weeks. All the choices you make will determine your life.
    Will you become a poor person? or a person with an average income, or are you the person who becomes a millionaire and has dozens of vehicles and companies to his name.
    Making friends in the server is also not unwise, with friends you will achieve much more, friends always help you with everything.
    You have the option of being an honest person, or the criminal who robs banks and stores. It is also possible to make and sell drugs, you will also be able to buy weapons from everything, sniper rifles, assault rifles pistols and much more.
    You can also buy money printers, an illegal way to make money but very efficient.



    More info about the release date of LemonLifeRP will be released at a later date.
    Keep an eye on our Discord server for any updates.

    LemonCommunity staff team thanks you for reading this post.
    The first people to join the future server will receive an extra gift :)



    With best regards

    and the Community Managers.