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    Hello everyone, Here a short info about our new project. a Garry's Mod RP Server, called LemonLifeRP.

    What can you expect in this future server?

    Many varied jobs such as Firefighter, Paramedic, Police Officer, Sheriff, Night Club Owner, Weed grower, Meth Dealer, Car Dealer, Trashman, Pizza Chef, Fruit Slicer.
    And many more jobs.

    We also have a great map that is quite large.

    We started this project about 3 months ago. and as it stands now, everything is going very well Better than we actually expected. Of course we encounter problems such as the Jobs. but that can be fixed.

    Many people Participate in this project. For which I am very grateful because without them I could not have done it all.
    That is why I am very grateful to my Staff team.
    PMADD, S3ntrail, ShankaraPL, and Askelo.

    We hope to be able to open our server as soon as possible. But after expectations, that can take a while. We will of course keep you informed of everything.

    Our addons that we use try to make the gameplay as realistic as possible.
    Such as the radio that we use, or the spikestrip, taser, etc etc.

    That was it for now,

    Yet again I want to thank everyone so far who helped with this project.

    PMADD, Sentrail, ShankaraPL and Askelo.

    Thank you for your interest, and for reading this article.

    - Lemon Staff Team