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  1. SIGNUP for BUILDING-STATE early acces.

    I will get in contact with you once the server is ready to be opened for early acces Can't tell you when that will be yet cause we still have to do some work but i hope it will be done before christmas.
  2. If you have not yet read the message on our discord server. We will open our server for trusted members within an indefinite period of time. Here you can sign up to get early acces to our server. You can play freely and discover things, if you encounter errors or bugs, we would love to hear from you. There are some disadvantages, the economy will of course get reset when the server is officially opened. but not to worry because you helped us and of course you registered for this you will receive a gift from us when the server opens to the public! How do you sign up? That's easy! Comment to this post give us your Minecraft name and Discord name. and we'll get in contact with you And that's all! Hopefully we will see you soon as one of the first players in our server! - Management Team
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  6. Altis Life Server Rules These rules are expected to be followed at all times, not knowing the rules does not exempt you from punishment for breaking them. Altis Life is all about roleplay, not about going on massive kill streaks so please immerse yourself and have fun! Staff members will always have the final say. General Rules Mic Spamming is not permitted in any chat. Targeting specific players after dying is not permitted unless a witness remains in order to call in reinforcements after waiting NLR time. Baiting cops is not permitted (Committing a crime in the immediate presence of a cop with the intention of them initiating on you or chasing you.) Disconnecting or respawning/killing yourself to avoid any roleplay situation is not permitted. Racism, Homophobia, or any other prejudice actions is not permitted. Speed limit is 130 outside of cities and 60 within cities. You are not permitted to randomly blow up vehicles. This causes server lag and is not proper roleplay. You are not permitted to AFK as cop for paychecks. You are not permitted to stay at a trader or dealer with the intent of robbing/killing people who are running said item(s). Public Cops, Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, and Commanders are not permitted to be corrupt cops. Any other rank is permitted. Medics are neutral rank therefor they are not permitted to be corrupt. If you are unrestrained due to excessive restraint time you must put your hands on your head and let the detaining person know. In order to rob federal reserve there must be 5 cops online. If the server restarts, crashes or you lag out while in police custody you are required to turn yourself in. We don't allow PMC style gangs/organizations. Roleplay Rules You must roleplay at all times. You are permitted to break roleplay if helping a new player with controls or general help. Using sidechat or text chat for roleplay is not permitted, use your voice at all times. Police lights and sirens are not initiation to kill, you must still verbal initiate, if you are forcefully rammed you may then lethally engage as your life is threatened. You can not suicide to avoid RP. NLR is 10 minutes, you may not return to the immediate area of your death and all previous knowledge is forgotten. If 5 or less cops are online then NLR does not apply for COPS. During federal reserve cop NLR is shortened to 5 minutes. Medics are neutral, meaning they can not be killed or robbed. They may only be killed if they go against your revival command. *Ex: You kill two cops and order the med to not revive but he does anyways Once The Gold Bars From Fed Have Made it To The Trader Cops Have 5 Min To Try and Get Back The Gold Before Fed Is called off and the cops have to Leave! If negotiations are called off during Hostage Situations you must wait 20 seconds for the negotiator to get to a safe distance, this is to prevent people from calling them off then gunning them down. You are not permitted to take friends hostage in order to bait cops into a lethal situation. If you are taken hostage you are not permitted to call out your position or your takers positions in any chat, including direct chat. *Irl you wouldn't be screeching out the hostage takers position because they would SHOOT YOU* Safezones and Cities Armed vehicles are not permitted within city limits (Kavala, Athira, and Pyrgos). Safezones are the main cities "Kavala, Athira and Pyrgos" basically the cities where you can respawn. Committing crimes within safezones is not permitted, if you are clearly doing something illegal cops are permitted to bust you. Shops are safezones and you are not commit a crime within 10m of them. Cops may detain and arrest if players visibly possess illegals items in a safezone. Fleeing into safezones is not permitted doing so will result in punishment. If you are initiated on prior to entering a safezone the initiation continues. Police HQs are safezones, if your friend is being arrested and the cop makes it to HQ you are no longer permitted to engage them. Armed/Armored Vehicles Armed vehicles are not permitted within city limits, however armored vehicles are but will be treated as terrorist vehicles by police. If rebel or black market is being raided by police you are permitted to use anything at your will, however if you kill other uninvolved players you will be punished, watch your fire. FailRP/Metagaming Saying you are going to get banned in direct, vehicle, or group chat is not permitted and will be considered failRP. If you are unrestrained due to excessive restraint time you must stay there and report it to the nearest cop, if you run it will be considered failRP. You do not know peoples names unless you get a form of ID or they inform you of their name. You may not use information gained outside of a roleplay situation, for example if you see someone in TS as a cop you can not use that information as an advantage in game. Killing yourself to avoid roleplay is considered failRP. Spam tasing is considered failRP. Initiation Killing players without initiation will result in punishment. Initiation over 45km/h in a ground vehicle is not valid. If someone commits a direct hostile action towards you, you may kill them. "Lock picking your vehicle, stealing your vehicle, etc" If the initial initiation happened over 5 minutes ago & you haven't had any contact since then the situation is officially over. When giving an order for someone to follow you must allow at least 5 seconds to respond or give the appropriate amount of time for said command. Examples of Good Initiation: "Hands up or die" with a weapon "Hands up" with or without weapon (not lethal) "Pull over" in a ground vehicle not over 45kh/h "Stop running or you will be shot/tazed" Lethal with a weapon/tazer Examples of Bad Initiation: "Stop!" No Initiation at all Initiation in side/group/command/global/direct text chat Lethal initiation without a weapon Use your judgment, if someone is 200m away they probably cant hear you. If there are loud sounds/vehicles they probably cant hear you. Only direct chat voice may be used for initiation, if you don't have a mic you can't initiate. You can not initiate verbally within/near/on a loud vehicle (trucks and helicopters/jets). If a helicopter is pursuing another helicopter for 5+ minutes both parties are automatically lethally initiated, but only the people in the helicopters. In order to be pursuing it has to be obvious, the helicopter must be turning and following each other tightly. If a helicopter is flying below 350 meters in city limits (Kavala, Pyrgos, Athira) police are permitted to engage them, but if they are hovering above the city or if they make multiple (2+) fly by's over the city cops can engage them. Warning shots for initiation is not permitted. You can not initiate through text messages unless initiating on loud vehicles [Armored vehicles, Air Vehicles and Large *Zamak and up* Utility Vehicle] You must have a weapon visible in order to lethally initiate, for example you can not have your weapon in your bag and initiate for your gang. Giving impossible orders or orders without proper roleplay value is not permitted. Gas Station Robberies are NOT KOS zones, you must verbally initiate before engaging lethally. If revived after being killed you remember your past life. Gangs initiated on applies to all members [clarified by matching gang tags & clothes] who are in an area of 3km. Prison is 500m KOS zone for Police and armed individuals; so long as an escape attempt is in progress. Federal Reserve is a legal zone until robbery has begun (using bolt cutters on door), once it begins federal reserve is a KOS zone until robbery is called over by admins. Cops must negotiate during fed UNLESS the bomb has been planted or shots have been fired towards any cops. RDM/VDM Killing players that comply with your orders is not allowed. You may fire on your target if they complete an action that is clearly against your order or the time that you gave the order has exceeded 5 seconds If you give a player an order that required more than 5 seconds you must allow the proper amount of time before firing. During a firefight all players in the area who appear to be apart of the situation and who act in a hostile manner are considered initiated. All uniformed police or police vehicles that enter the area of a situation where police are initiated on are considered initiated. After appearing non-threatening you are not permitted to then engage people in the immediate area. EX: You can not appear without a weapon then randomly pull one out and begin firing. Do not ram other vehicles for no reason. If your intent is to collide with another vehicle for the following reasons "Pitting, disabling, immobilize, etc" that is fine, but if it results in an explosion/death you may be held accountable for VDM/RDM. You must wait at least 2 minutes into a chase to perform any of the listed maneuvers. War/Terrorism In order for war to be declared, the highest ranking officer online must approve, an admin message must be sent announcing it, and there must be at least 5 cops online. During war either side may use whatever they have access to. During war you can not KOS people not involved for example, Tortoise Army declares war on Kavala, TA can only KOS cops and cops can only KOS TA. The gang must have matching clothing and gang tags in order to participate in the war/fed Once you declare war you are considered a terrorist. Terrorist are treated with very strong response by the police. Police are authorized to use whatever they have access to, to deal with the terrorist. Driving an armored vehicle/armed vehicle in major cities will result in you being labeled a terrorist. War is over once either all of the gang members are dead or cops surrender. Instant Perm Bans Racism, homophobia, or any prejudice behavior Rape RP Hacking, Cheating, Duping, or glitching Using scripts Repeated MassRDM/VDM Threatening DDOS/Dox Threatening to release private information of anyone Advertising other servers Farming the playerbase Farming Player IP's Disrespecting Staff Disrespecting Players Targeting Players/Wishing negative things upon people IRL Staff has the right to deny service if the individual is toxic towards staff.
  7. Fines and Punishments: Section 1 - Offences and Punishments Offences Against The Persons Act 1861 Verbal Assault Up to £60,000 ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) £10,000 GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) £20,000 ABH/ GBH upon an officer £55,000 Attempted Murder Prison + Seizure Murder Prison Manslaughter £50,000 Conspiring to commit murder £65,000 Threats to kill £45,000 Resisting Arrest £40,000 Assault with intent to resist arrest £60,000 Breaking/Attempting to break people out of the HM Prison £100,000/Prison Escaping Prison Prison Public Order Act 1986 All offences under the POA Caution / £60-£60000 Penalty varies on the severity of the situation. Eg: swearing, public rioting, refusing to co-operate with police. Theft Act 1968 Theft £25,000 Robbery £60,000 Armed Robbery £75,000 + Seizure Taking a vehicle without consent £40,000 Attempted Vehicle Theft £10,000 Wearing Police Issue Clothing (including Black Operation Vests, Berets can be roleplayed) Prison Criminal Attempts Act 1981 Perverting the course of justice £10,000 - £25,000 Firearms Act 1968 Possession of a Legal firearm without a license £10,000 + Seizure Visible Legal firearm in a public area £5000 Possession of an illegal firearm £75,000 + Seizure Having an Illegal attachment £15,000 per attachment Having an Illegal Magazine £5,000 per magazine Road Traffic Act 1988 Speed Limits - Inside Towns and Villages Highway Roads (orange) 50 km/h Countryside Roads (white) 50 km/h Dirt Roads (beige) 50 km/h Speed Limits - Outside Towns and Villages Highway Roads (orange) 110 km/h Countryside Roads (white) 70 km/h Dirt Roads (beige) 50 km/h Speeding Fines - Inside Towns and Villages 0-20 km/h above limit £10,000/Caution 21 - 40 km/h above limit £20,000 41 - 80 km/h above limit £40,000/Scrap 81 km/h above limit £75,000 + Scrap Speeding Fines - Outside Towns and Villages 0-20 km/h above limit £5,000/Caution 21 - 40 km/h above limit £10,000 41 - 80 km/h above limit £20,000 81 km/h above limit £40,000 + Scrap Unauthorized Vehicles - Scrap on Sight All MRAPS (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit, Prowler etc) .50 Caliber Offroad, Mi-290 Taru Other Road Traffic Laws Driving outside Race Track with Go-Kart & failing to stop £100,000 + Scrap Driving outside Race Track with Go-Kart & co-operating £10,000 + Scrap Vandalism (running over bushes, fences, walls etc...) £10,000 - £20,000/Caution General Road Traffic Laws & Fines No lights £10,000 Driving with Night Vision + No lights £15,000 Misuse of horn Caution or £5000 Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence (Car) (Driving without a driving license) £35,000 + Scrap Driving without Insurance (any vehicle) Up to £50,000 & Vehicle Impounded Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence (Truck/ HGV) (Driving without a truck license) £50,000 + Scrap Driving in reverse or wrong side of road £15,000 + Scrap Failure to stop for the police £10,000 - Prison + Scrap Dangerous Driving Caution/£100,000 + Scrap Driving without due care and attention Caution or £15,000 Driving under the influence of drink or drugs Up to £100,000 + impound Driving elsewhere than on roads £75,000 and/or Scrap Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 Class A Drugs Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and LSD Possession (5 and below) £5,000 per Item Intent to Supply (6 or more) £25,000 plus £10,000 for each Item over 5 Trafficking (vehicle) Prison + Scrap Dealing Prison Class B Drugs Marijuana and Cannabis Possession (5 and below) Caution/£2,000 per Item Intent to Supply (6 or more) £10,000 plus £5,000 for each Item over 5 Trafficking (vehicle) Prison + Scrap Dealing Prison Civil Aviation Act 1982 Restriction Sites - No Fly Zones Towns & City Limits Settlements Police Headquarters HM Treasury & HM Treasury Ships The Prison Hospitals Unauthorized Air Travel, police will send out warnings to any pilot if trespassing, If the pilot does not adhere to a final warning the police will open fire. Misuse of Aviation - Helicopter Violations Air Travel without Due Care and Attention £ 50,000/Caution Violation of Restricted Sites £ 50,000/Scrap Perverting the course of justice £ 50,000/Scrap Landing within City Limits £ 75,000/Scrap Violation of Noise Control £ 50,000/Scrap Improper use of Flares*: Unauthorized £ 50,000/Scrap *flares burn strong and are incredibly flammable in our arid landscape, they also risk of becoming a danger to the public if misused. Environmental Protection Act 1990 Noise Control - Helicopter Minimum Air Travel Altitude: 150 meters Violation of the Minimum Air Travel Altitude is unauthorized, police will send out 2 warning shots to the helicopter and if they do not leave the helicopter will be engaged on. Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 HM Treasury Ships Robbery £75,000 *The HM Treasury Ships are property of the Altis Government so any attempt to steal from these ships is classed as Robbery. Taking of Hostages Act 1982 Taking somebody hostage Hostage Taking Prison *The taking of a person for the purposes of fulfilling conditions or terms without the person's consent. Crime and Policing Act 2014 Failure to follow a direction to leave the area by a Police Constable £5,000 - £50,000 Section 2 - Legislation Legislation - Acts passed by HM Government of ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ relating to the Overseas Territories of Altis. Offences against the Persons Act 1861 Section 4) Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder Section 5) Manslaughter Section 16) Threats to Kill Section 18) Shooting or attempting to shoot, or wounding with intent to grievous bodily harm Criminal Attempts Act 1981 Section 1) Attempting to commit an offence Theft Act 1968 Section 7) Theft Section 8) Robbery Section 12) Taking a motor vehicle without authority Section 12a) Aggravated vehicle-taking Firearms Act 1968 Section 1) Requirement of a firearms certificate Section 5) Weapons subject to general prohibition Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 Section 4) Restriction of production and supply of controlled drugs Section 5) Restriction of possession of controlled drugs Section 28) Proof of lack of knowledge etc. to be a defence in proceedings for certain offences Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 1) Causing death by dangerous driving Section 2) Dangerous Driving Section 3) Careless, and inconsiderate, driving Section 4) Driving, or being in charge, when under influence of drink or drugs Section 12) Motor racing on public ways Section 19A) Prohibition of parking of vehicles on verges, roads and footways Section 22) Leaving vehicles in dangerous positions Section 34) Prohibition of driving mechanically propelled vehicles elsewhere than on roads Section 87) Drivers of motor vehicles to have drivers licences Section 163) Power of police to stop vehicles Public Order Act 1986 Section 1) Riot Section 4) Fear or provocation of violence Section 4A) Intentional harassment Section 5) Harassment, alarm or distress Section 14) Imposing conditions of public assemblies Section 14a) Stopping persons from proceeding to trespassory assemblies Protection from Harassment Act 1997 Section 1) Prohibition of harassment Section 2) Offence of harassment Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1973/33 Section 1) Protection of sites of historic wrecks Section 2) Prohibition on approaching dangerous wrecks Section 3) Supplementary provisions Endangered Species Act 1976 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1976/72 Section 1) Restriction of importation and exportation Taking of Hostages Act 1982 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1982/28 Section 1) Hostage-taking Crime and Policing Act 2014 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2014/12 Section 35) Directions excluding a person from an area Section 39) Offences
  8. Your Forum Username Your Twitch URL Describe your stream How many day's per week do you stream ? Does your stream have any of the following feature's How many followers do you have ? How many viewers do you currently get ? Terms for hosting you channel: I agree that the only Roleplay server i stream will be LemonLifeRP Failure to follow correct formatting will result in instant denial
  9. Your Username: Time Zone: Player UID: Why do you want to become a Police Officer?: What sets you apart from other applicants?: How long have you been with the Lemon Community?: Have you read both the server rules and Police SOP?: Did any current Officer recommend you? If so, who?: Failure to follow correct formatting will result in instant denial
  10. Ranks & Roster

    Administration Command Commissioner - 5E-1: Deputy Commissioner - 5E-2: Asst. Commissioner - 5E-3: Asst. Chief - 5E-4: Asst. Chief - 5E-5: Senior Staff Command Captain - 5S-6: Captain - 5S-7: Captain - 5S-8: Captain - 5S-9: Captain - 5S-10: Lieutenant - 5S-11: Lieutenant - 5S-12: Lieutenant - 5S-13: Lieutenant - 5S-14: Lieutenant - 5S-15: Staff Members Master Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Staff Members in Training Senior Corporal Corporal Department Members Chief Master Trooper Master Trooper Senior Trooper Trooper First Class Trooper Probationary Trooper Highway Recruit Auxiliary Members Master Auxiliary Trooper Senior Auxiliary Trooper Auxiliary Trooper
  11. Rank Info

    Fire Chief The fire chief is the highest-ranking officer in the fire department. He or she is directly responsible for the efficient operation of the fire department, and has control of all of its personnel and activities. The fire chief has a say in various department functions such as: Fire safety education Fire protection EMS Disaster preparedness Department administration The fire chief may also provide technical assistance to the city manager or mayor, and represents the interests of the fire service when it comes to planning fire coverage. While all firefighters start as probies, they have the opportunity to work their way up the ranks to fire chief. As firefighters advance their careers, they likely to assume more responsibility in managerial or administrative roles. It becomes their duty to train and assist the next generation of hands-on firefighters, and to promote the interests of the fire service in their area of coverage. __________________________________________________________________________ Deputy Fire Chief A deputy fire chief is the second in command of a fire department. The job comes with significant responsibility; in addition to her own duties, the deputy chief takes the lead in the absence of the fire chief. The position includes a combination of administrative work and time spent in the field to keep operations running efficiently in the fire department. Job Duties A deputy fire chief supervises and coordinates the activities of her battalions, including responding to emergencies, providing proper training, managing firefighters, conducting training and ensuring that department policies and procedures are followed. She assists the fire chief in setting goals for the department, establishing policies and procedures, handling grievances, disciplining subordinates, meeting with union representatives, preparing the budget, and periodically reviewing equipment for safety and purchasing new equipment as needed. The job has a defined public presence, and speaking at schools, community events, press events and other meetings is often expected. __________________________________________________________________________ Assistant Fire Chief Assistant Fire Chief is applied to officials either second or third from the highest rank of fire chief. Assistant chiefs have administrative duties to support the everyday functions of fire stations. They rely on their previous experience with those functions to perform their duties. Assistant fire chiefs' responsibilities vary by department. However, they generally perform administrative duties such as budgeting, purchasing and hiring, as well as general supervisory and management duties over each fire company or battalion. They also coordinate staff and firefighter training, oversee daily department activities, and perform the duties of the fire chief in his absence. Bigger cities with large, multiple-company fire departments require their fire chiefs and assistants to carry more responsibilities. __________________________________________________________________________ District Chief Districts (Or District Chiefs)- This is another division that is most often employed only in the larger departments. A district chief is usually over several battalions. An exception to this does occur. Some cities will choose to not have “Battalion Chiefs” but will have a “District Chief” on duty. In Canada (or Houston) the term "District Chief" is applied to someone over several companies As you can see the application of the term “Chief” can be a little vague. Each city can be slightly different it comes to how it divides up it’s resources for supervisor control. __________________________________________________________________________ Captain The captain is usually the highest-ranking officer at the scene of an emergency, and will direct operations as needed. The captain may also speak on behalf of the company to the media or public. At the station, the captain oversees the day-to-day operations and training of the fire company. They receive reports from any lieutenants working at the station, and must make administrative decisions for the good of the team. Because of their increased responsibilities, fire captains must possess an exceptional level of management ability. A captain may also be in charge of a special function such as training or EMS. They might also speak for their company to the media or public. After promoting to captain, firefighters may be selected for a fire chief position. Fire chiefs are the highest ranking officers in the fire service, and usually assume command at the scene of an emergency. They may arrive to the scene in separate vehicles, commonly a kind of marked SUV, which can serve as a mobile incident command post. __________________________________________________________________________ Lieutenant The lieutenant is responsible for the emergency response of a specific company, including the management of resources and personnel. When they’re not at the scene of an emergency, a lieutenant may be responsible for supervising daily operations at a fire company and spearheading firefighter training. Firefighter training may include learning new EMS skills, or even how to create maps of local buildings and landmarks to use in the event of a fire. Because of their important role in directing firefighters, lieutenants must possess knowledge of scene operations and try to be more educated than their subordinates. In the absence of the captain, the lieutenant may assume the role of “acting captain.” __________________________________________________________________________ Station Officer Duties of a Station Officer A Station Officer (Operational) is mainly deployed to take charge of a fire station or an emergency appliance; provide training for Firemen/Firewomen; command and lead Firemen/Firewomen in emergency and fire protection duties; and take part in administrative duties, such as staff management and planning duties. A Station Officer (Operational) is subject to discipline and is required to work shifts, perform "on-call" duties and wear uniforms.
  12. Ranks & Roster

    Chain of Command Fire Chief - Deputy Fire Chief - Assistant Fire Chief - District Chief - Fire Captain - Fire Lieutenant - Fire Lieutenant - Fire Lieutenant - Station Officer - Station Officer - Station Officer - Subdivisions Division of Special Operations Fire Marshal's Office Medical Examiner's Office Los Santos Forest Service Fire Mentorship Program AMR Operations

    Its important to use the following template, if not you wont be accepted to any department that you're applying for. Name: Age: Tell us about yourself: RP Name: ------------------------------------------------------- (REMOVE THE ONES YOU DONT WISH TO APPLY FOR) What department do you wish to join: Los Santos Police Department California Highway Patrol Blaine County Sheriff's Office Los Santos Fire Department Los Santos Communications Department ------------------------------------------------------- Why did you choose that department : In your own words, what are the general duties of the department you chose? : Do you have any experiences in this field?: Please create a detailed scenario (I.e 911 call, traffic stop, crime scene, etc.) : Do you have any skills that can be useful in your department and/or the community?: