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  1. Helo yes i am :)

    Are you okay Mr,?
  2. LemonLifeRP Rules

    Server Rules RDM (Random Deathmatch) Explanation: Do not randomly kill people without a reason New Life Rule is applied here Explanation: When you die or get killed you must forget your past life and do not return to the area you died in for 3 minutes Meta gaming is not allowed Explanation: Do not say in-game info in OOC chat KOS Lines are not allowed Inappropriate RP names are not allowed, Also dont use names of famous people in real life. No Prop-Abuse( this includes, Prop Push, Prop Surf, Prop Climb, Waving Props in people face, Making non-gravity props ) Explanation: Like Prop-Pushing, Prop-Surfing and Prop-Block RA (Randomly Arrest) Explanation: Do not randomly use the arrest baton for no reason on players Advertising any server without permission is not allowed Do not rage heavily English only in OOC Changing your job is allowed, aslong as it fits with your characters current job, example: You can set the job of the Paramedic to --> EMS | Paramedic Hacking is not allowed Do not make anywhere KOS unless it your base Use common sense Do not leave abuse e.g. Leaving to avoid jail, raid, stolen car Suicide Abuse Explanation: Using the kill command in console to escape someone or something. FailRP does not exist here! You are not allowed to use voice changers unless you are a hobo! AFK Players are subjected to being Shot, Arrested & Raided (ONLY IF they have done something wrong in their current life) Base Rules Do not place keypads away from your fading door You are not allowed to place keypads/button traps in bases You are only allowed three fading doors in each entrance of the house Each door should be spaced out so at least one person can be in it An entrance must be clearly indicated Keypad length must be at least 3 seconds There must be keypads/buttons on each side of the entrance Do not buy random houses Do not own a house you will not use Making fake keypads is not allowed No invisible props or material Do not use your buttons on your keyboard to get in or kill someone Crouch-Entrances are not allowed You can only have one keypad for one door on each side. The door has to open after the first attempt to enter the correct code or by cracking it. Multiple keypads are not allowed even if they all will work. Using keypads which have to be cracked in a special order to open them is not allowed. Raiding Rules Only Thiefs and Custom Jobs that have an ability to raid can raid with each other Gangsters cannot team up with Thiefs and custom jobs when raiding and they can also raid the PD Police/SWAT Must have a warrant to raid a base Police/SWAT must only place a warrant to raid if he has broken a law or is shooting people You must wait for 3 minutes (180 Seconds) to raid the same base You cannot build while being raided People are able to raid you while you are still building but you must have a keypad first You do not need to advert raid Mayor You cannot set a the gun licence price over $800 Do not randomly fire people You cannot fire corrupt cops unless you see them do something corrupt Do not place inappropriate laws Do not do a Cops/SWATS jobs Accepting inappropriate warrants is not allowed You can accept bribes but only if it's a valid reason Do not place a random lockdown You cannot break the laws Police Chief / Team You can accept bribes but only if it's a valid reason Placing warrants randomly is not allowed Randomly weapon checking is not allowed You cannot spawn in printers You cannot have a base, the TH is your base Only warrant/wanted someone if you see them break a law If someone says that this person has printers ignore them Do not randomly stunstick players Do not randomly tase players Weapons Dealer & Weapons Specialist You must have a shop You cannot just sell to a certain job/group You cannot be anyone personal weapons dealer You can base with other dealer You must sell to players even if you don't like them You cannot base with anyone else Self-supply is not allowed, and will result in a punishment. Thief & Master Thief You cannot base/team up with gangsters and government You don't have to advertise a raid You can mug but you cannot make it over $1500 You cannot raid TH/PD When you pickpocket someone, they are allowed to kill you Gangsters You can take up apartment floors but only if you use them and as long as you do not block the people from getting higher You can mug but you cannot make it over $1500 You can raid the PD When mugging give them at least 15 seconds to give you the money if they refuse to or try to kill you, you can kill them You need 2 gangsters to mug Homeless Sim Do not block off public areas Do not make massive/stupid buildings Do not build in spawn You can bugbait but you will probably get killed You can play music through the Mic You cannot play in peoples bases without there permission Osama & Terrorists Your attack must be planned in agenda You can raid without the leader as long as you do not use IED'S and you must have at least 3 You cannot team up with each other Do not pocket IED's so you can use it for different jobs You can take the mayor hostage and you can change the laws as long as they are server suitable Killing 3 + non government with IED's is classed as MASS RDM Your agenda can not be kill all government in sight You cannot kill Cops/SWATS while you have TH they must shoot you first or enter TH You can place a price for TH back but it must be/under 25K You can use C4 to get into TH but not PD You cannot sell IED's to anyone You cannot kill civilians Drug Dealer Jobs You must sell drugs to your customers if they want them Keep your drug lab hidden! (i.e. keep it behind a wall) If police see it they may be confiscated and you can be arrested You can open your own store, and it's OK to sell legal drugs so you can carry out your day to day business Make sure police don't see any illigal drugs or your drug lab (such as Cocaine, Heroin.. etc) - They can warrant you! Hitman You cannot ask people to place a hit on a person You can peacefully raid your target's base to kill them but are NOT allowed to kill others (unless self-defence), and CANNOT steal Killing your target is not RDM All hits must be placed through the system so that it can be logged, otherwise it is RDM Fire Department Team Must respond to all calls by the mayor. Must respond to fires reported by the public - You may charge a fine if its a false fire of upto $100 You cannot own houses on the surface. You are allowed to own a firetruck at the fire department Bus / Taxi Drivers You must drive passengers to their choice of destination in order for them to pay you You can charge upto $2500 per trip although you should always advice your customer before taking them of the expected charge if its over $500 Keep your customers happy - The more you look after them, the more they will use your services! You may advert your schedule and where you will be stopping your journeys
  3. Introductions!

    Hello!, On this topic you can tell more about yourself, so other people get to know you better! Like how old you are, or what hobbies you've got.
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Askelo, I wish you healthy and happy holidays too. Hopefully your 2020 will be many times better than 2019 was for you. I haven't known you that long. but know two things for sure. You have a great personality and you are also ready for someone else. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your good old' friend ValkeryX (Mark)
  5. Decided to make forum rules so people can stop messaging to look at there application ect, ect. Failing to follow these forum rules you will be forum banned for 2-7 days. When forum banned you can't talk to people and that's it. Forum Rules: Do not spam. No multiple accounts. Do not double post. If someone is starting a conversation with you in a forum post edit your comments or continue it in pm. No inappropriate photos. Put photos in spoilers in your signature. Use tickets if you have problems with games/forums If have any questions that does not relate do administration, ask on the FAQ + Support section. Do not report topics for no reason. Do not advertise anything without permission. No inappropriate photos. If you want to post a rude (but please no nudity) image or link please add into a spoiler and add a warning to it Do not be racist anywhere within the forums. Do not also make jokes about sensitive topics such as diseases. Be respectful to one and another. Do not argue publicly (Just take it to a PM or MyBar Chat) Don't trash post unless it is an off-topic post. (i.e. replying with a completely unnecessary post that doesn't contribute to the thread). English only in the Shoutbox. Don't bump posts unless they haven't been posted on in over 24 hours ( or 12 hours if they have [URGENT] in the title.) You may bump a post under 24 hours by editing your previous post. One word posting is not allowed except for a +1 on suggestions. Apply For A Higher Rank Rules: Do not create an application without a template. Do not advertise it. Do no spam PMADD to look at it. Make your steam profile public for us to review you. Do not use fake Steam ID/Steam Names. If declined wait 5 days unless I tell you to apply in less than that or more. Do not PM PMADD about your application why you got declined. Strictly one reply per person on Admin or Mod Applications only - you may edit your posts but not argue or discuss. Instead resolve issues via PM/MyBar If someone has not used the template on a request, don't reply telling them to use the template if someone already has done so. Reporting People: Do not use fake steam ID's Do not post a report without the template. Do not reply to the post if your not involved. Do not make a application without solid proof. Do not +1/-1 reports unless you are involved otherwise I will be the judge of that. Do not post saying you have witnesses they do not count, you most supply proper evidence. If your a staff being reported you must reply to explain yourself unless it is an invalid report. If someone has not used the template on a request, don't reply telling them to use the template if someone already has done so. Un-Ban Requests: Use the template. Do not reply if your not involved. Do not make a unban request for a certain person. You can +1/-1 the request if you were involved. Do not use false Steam ID's. If someone has not used the template on a request, don't reply telling them to use the template if someone already has done so. Failing to follow this forum rules will result in forum ban or even demotion if it's that bad but highly unlikely. If you have any questions please PM me about it. ADDED BY MANAGEMENT: -**In Applications you are welcome to express constructive critcism - for example I dont think your ready because of your attitude, behaviour..etc - but don't be rude and say - "you lick ass)" If a report is accepted, the user will be excluded for 1 week of our servers/forums or more dependent on severity to keep the atmosphere happy.
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  9. Your Username: Time Zone: Player UID: Why do you want to become a Police Officer?: What sets you apart from other applicants?: How long have you been with the Lemon Community?: Have you read both the server rules and Police SOP?: Did any current Officer recommend you? If so, who?: Failure to follow correct formatting will result in instant denial
  10. Ranks & Roster

    Administration Command Commissioner - 5E-1: Deputy Commissioner - 5E-2: Asst. Commissioner - 5E-3: Asst. Chief - 5E-4: Asst. Chief - 5E-5: Senior Staff Command Captain - 5S-6: Captain - 5S-7: Captain - 5S-8: Captain - 5S-9: Captain - 5S-10: Lieutenant - 5S-11: Lieutenant - 5S-12: Lieutenant - 5S-13: Lieutenant - 5S-14: Lieutenant - 5S-15: Staff Members Master Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Staff Members in Training Senior Corporal Corporal Department Members Chief Master Trooper Master Trooper Senior Trooper Trooper First Class Trooper Probationary Trooper Highway Recruit Auxiliary Members Master Auxiliary Trooper Senior Auxiliary Trooper Auxiliary Trooper
  11. Rank Info

    Fire Chief The fire chief is the highest-ranking officer in the fire department. He or she is directly responsible for the efficient operation of the fire department, and has control of all of its personnel and activities. The fire chief has a say in various department functions such as: Fire safety education Fire protection EMS Disaster preparedness Department administration The fire chief may also provide technical assistance to the city manager or mayor, and represents the interests of the fire service when it comes to planning fire coverage. While all firefighters start as probies, they have the opportunity to work their way up the ranks to fire chief. As firefighters advance their careers, they likely to assume more responsibility in managerial or administrative roles. It becomes their duty to train and assist the next generation of hands-on firefighters, and to promote the interests of the fire service in their area of coverage. __________________________________________________________________________ Deputy Fire Chief A deputy fire chief is the second in command of a fire department. The job comes with significant responsibility; in addition to her own duties, the deputy chief takes the lead in the absence of the fire chief. The position includes a combination of administrative work and time spent in the field to keep operations running efficiently in the fire department. Job Duties A deputy fire chief supervises and coordinates the activities of her battalions, including responding to emergencies, providing proper training, managing firefighters, conducting training and ensuring that department policies and procedures are followed. She assists the fire chief in setting goals for the department, establishing policies and procedures, handling grievances, disciplining subordinates, meeting with union representatives, preparing the budget, and periodically reviewing equipment for safety and purchasing new equipment as needed. The job has a defined public presence, and speaking at schools, community events, press events and other meetings is often expected. __________________________________________________________________________ Assistant Fire Chief Assistant Fire Chief is applied to officials either second or third from the highest rank of fire chief. Assistant chiefs have administrative duties to support the everyday functions of fire stations. They rely on their previous experience with those functions to perform their duties. Assistant fire chiefs' responsibilities vary by department. However, they generally perform administrative duties such as budgeting, purchasing and hiring, as well as general supervisory and management duties over each fire company or battalion. They also coordinate staff and firefighter training, oversee daily department activities, and perform the duties of the fire chief in his absence. Bigger cities with large, multiple-company fire departments require their fire chiefs and assistants to carry more responsibilities. __________________________________________________________________________ District Chief Districts (Or District Chiefs)- This is another division that is most often employed only in the larger departments. A district chief is usually over several battalions. An exception to this does occur. Some cities will choose to not have “Battalion Chiefs” but will have a “District Chief” on duty. In Canada (or Houston) the term "District Chief" is applied to someone over several companies As you can see the application of the term “Chief” can be a little vague. Each city can be slightly different it comes to how it divides up it’s resources for supervisor control. __________________________________________________________________________ Captain The captain is usually the highest-ranking officer at the scene of an emergency, and will direct operations as needed. The captain may also speak on behalf of the company to the media or public. At the station, the captain oversees the day-to-day operations and training of the fire company. They receive reports from any lieutenants working at the station, and must make administrative decisions for the good of the team. Because of their increased responsibilities, fire captains must possess an exceptional level of management ability. A captain may also be in charge of a special function such as training or EMS. They might also speak for their company to the media or public. After promoting to captain, firefighters may be selected for a fire chief position. Fire chiefs are the highest ranking officers in the fire service, and usually assume command at the scene of an emergency. They may arrive to the scene in separate vehicles, commonly a kind of marked SUV, which can serve as a mobile incident command post. __________________________________________________________________________ Lieutenant The lieutenant is responsible for the emergency response of a specific company, including the management of resources and personnel. When they’re not at the scene of an emergency, a lieutenant may be responsible for supervising daily operations at a fire company and spearheading firefighter training. Firefighter training may include learning new EMS skills, or even how to create maps of local buildings and landmarks to use in the event of a fire. Because of their important role in directing firefighters, lieutenants must possess knowledge of scene operations and try to be more educated than their subordinates. In the absence of the captain, the lieutenant may assume the role of “acting captain.” __________________________________________________________________________ Station Officer Duties of a Station Officer A Station Officer (Operational) is mainly deployed to take charge of a fire station or an emergency appliance; provide training for Firemen/Firewomen; command and lead Firemen/Firewomen in emergency and fire protection duties; and take part in administrative duties, such as staff management and planning duties. A Station Officer (Operational) is subject to discipline and is required to work shifts, perform "on-call" duties and wear uniforms.
  12. Ranks & Roster

    Chain of Command Fire Chief - Deputy Fire Chief - Assistant Fire Chief - District Chief - Fire Captain - Fire Lieutenant - Fire Lieutenant - Fire Lieutenant - Station Officer - Station Officer - Station Officer - Subdivisions Division of Special Operations Fire Marshal's Office Medical Examiner's Office Los Santos Forest Service Fire Mentorship Program AMR Operations

    Its important to use the following template, if not you wont be accepted to any department that you're applying for. Name: Age: Tell us about yourself: RP Name: ------------------------------------------------------- (REMOVE THE ONES YOU DONT WISH TO APPLY FOR) What department do you wish to join: Los Santos Police Department California Highway Patrol Blaine County Sheriff's Office Los Santos Fire Department Los Santos Communications Department ------------------------------------------------------- Why did you choose that department : In your own words, what are the general duties of the department you chose? : Do you have any experiences in this field?: Please create a detailed scenario (I.e 911 call, traffic stop, crime scene, etc.) : Do you have any skills that can be useful in your department and/or the community?: