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Fines and Punishments

Fines and Punishments:

Section 1 - Offences and Punishments

Offences Against The Persons Act 1861

Verbal Assault

Up to £60,000

ABH (Actual Bodily Harm)


GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm)


ABH/ GBH upon an officer


Attempted Murder

Prison + Seizure





Conspiring to commit murder


Threats to kill


Resisting Arrest


Assault with intent to resist arrest


Breaking/Attempting to break people out of the HM Prison


Escaping Prison



Public Order Act 1986

All offences under the POA   

Caution / £60-£60000

Penalty varies on the severity of the situation. Eg: swearing, public rioting, refusing to co-operate with police.


Theft Act 1968





Armed Robbery

£75,000 + Seizure

Taking a vehicle without consent


Attempted Vehicle Theft


Wearing Police Issue Clothing (including Black Operation Vests, Berets can be roleplayed)


Criminal Attempts Act 1981

Perverting the course of justice

£10,000 - £25,000

Firearms Act 1968

Possession of a Legal firearm without a license

£10,000 + Seizure

Visible Legal firearm in a public area


Possession of an illegal firearm

£75,000 + Seizure

Having an Illegal attachment

£15,000 per attachment

Having an Illegal Magazine

£5,000 per magazine


Road Traffic Act 1988

Speed Limits - Inside Towns and Villages

Highway Roads (orange)

50 km/h

Countryside Roads (white)

50 km/h

Dirt Roads (beige)

50 km/h

Speed Limits - Outside Towns and Villages

Highway Roads (orange)

110 km/h

Countryside Roads (white)

70 km/h

Dirt Roads (beige)

50 km/h

Speeding Fines - Inside Towns and Villages

0-20 km/h above limit


21 - 40 km/h above limit


41 - 80 km/h above limit


81 km/h above limit

£75,000 + Scrap

Speeding Fines - Outside Towns and Villages

0-20 km/h above limit


21 - 40 km/h above limit


41 - 80 km/h above limit


81 km/h above limit

£40,000 + Scrap


Unauthorized Vehicles - Scrap on Sight

All MRAPS (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit, Prowler etc)

.50 Caliber Offroad,

Mi-290 Taru

Other Road Traffic Laws

Driving outside Race Track with Go-Kart & failing to stop                                                              £100,000 + Scrap

Driving outside Race Track with Go-Kart & co-operating                                                               £10,000 + Scrap

Vandalism (running over bushes, fences, walls etc...)                                                                   £10,000 - £20,000/Caution


General Road Traffic Laws & Fines

No lights


Driving with Night Vision + No lights


Misuse of horn

Caution or £5000

Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence (Car) (Driving without a driving license)

£35,000 + Scrap

Driving without Insurance (any vehicle)

Up to £50,000 & Vehicle Impounded

Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence (Truck/ HGV) (Driving without a truck license)

£50,000 + Scrap

Driving in reverse or wrong side of road

£15,000 + Scrap

Failure to stop for the police

£10,000 - Prison + Scrap

Dangerous Driving

Caution/£100,000 + Scrap

Driving without due care and attention

Caution or £15,000

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs

Up to £100,000 + impound

Driving elsewhere than on roads

£75,000 and/or Scrap


Misuse of Drugs Act 1971


Class A Drugs

Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and LSD

Possession (5 and below)

£5,000 per Item

Intent to Supply (6 or more)

£25,000 plus £10,000 for each Item over 5

Trafficking (vehicle)

Prison + Scrap



Class B Drugs

Marijuana and Cannabis

Possession (5 and below)

Caution/£2,000 per Item

Intent to Supply (6 or more)

£10,000 plus £5,000 for each Item over 5

Trafficking (vehicle)

Prison + Scrap




Civil Aviation Act 1982

Restriction Sites - No Fly Zones

Towns & City Limits


Police Headquarters

HM Treasury & HM Treasury Ships

The Prison



Unauthorized Air Travel, police will send out warnings to any pilot if trespassing,

If the pilot does not adhere to a final warning the police will open fire.

Misuse of Aviation - Helicopter Violations

Air Travel without Due Care and Attention

£ 50,000/Caution

Violation of Restricted Sites

£ 50,000/Scrap

Perverting the course of justice

£ 50,000/Scrap

Landing within City Limits

£ 75,000/Scrap

Violation of Noise Control

£ 50,000/Scrap

Improper use of Flares*: Unauthorized

£ 50,000/Scrap

*flares burn strong and are incredibly flammable in our arid landscape, they also risk of becoming a danger to the public if misused.

Environmental Protection Act 1990

Noise Control - Helicopter

Minimum Air Travel Altitude: 150 meters

Violation of the Minimum Air Travel Altitude is unauthorized, police will send out 2 warning shots to the helicopter and if they do not leave the helicopter will be engaged on.

Protection of Wrecks Act 1973


HM Treasury Ships



*The HM Treasury Ships are property of the Altis Government so any attempt to steal from these ships is classed as Robbery.


Taking of Hostages Act 1982


Taking somebody hostage

Hostage Taking


*The taking of a person for the purposes of fulfilling conditions or terms without the person's consent.


Crime and Policing Act 2014

Failure to follow a direction to leave the area by a Police Constable

£5,000 - £50,000



Section 2 - Legislation

Legislation - Acts passed by HM Government of ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ relating to the Overseas Territories of Altis.

Offences against the Persons Act 1861

Section 4) Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder

Section 5) Manslaughter

Section 16) Threats to Kill

Section 18) Shooting or attempting to shoot, or wounding with intent to grievous bodily harm

Criminal Attempts Act 1981

Section 1) Attempting to commit an offence

Theft Act 1968

Section 7) Theft

Section 8) Robbery

Section 12) Taking a motor vehicle without authority

Section 12a) Aggravated vehicle-taking

Firearms Act 1968

Section 1) Requirement of a firearms certificate

Section 5) Weapons subject to general prohibition

Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Section 4) Restriction of production and supply of controlled drugs

Section 5) Restriction of possession of controlled drugs

Section 28) Proof of lack of knowledge etc. to be a defence in proceedings for certain offences

Road Traffic Act 1988

Section 1) Causing death by dangerous driving

Section 2) Dangerous Driving

Section 3) Careless, and inconsiderate, driving

Section 4) Driving, or being in charge, when under influence of drink or drugs

Section 12) Motor racing on public ways

Section 19A) Prohibition of parking of vehicles on verges, roads and footways

Section 22) Leaving vehicles in dangerous positions

Section 34) Prohibition of driving mechanically propelled vehicles elsewhere than on roads

Section 87) Drivers of motor vehicles to have drivers licences

Section 163) Power of police to stop vehicles

Public Order Act 1986

Section 1) Riot
Section 4) Fear or provocation of violence
Section 4A) Intentional harassment
Section 5) Harassment, alarm or distress
Section 14) Imposing conditions of public assemblies
Section 14a) Stopping persons from proceeding to trespassory assemblies

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Section 1) Prohibition of harassment 
Section 2) Offence of harassment

Protection of Wrecks Act 1973


Section 1) Protection of sites of historic wrecks

Section 2) Prohibition on approaching dangerous wrecks

Section 3) Supplementary provisions

Endangered Species Act 1976


Section 1) Restriction of importation and exportation

Taking of Hostages Act 1982


Section 1) Hostage-taking

Crime and Policing Act 2014


Section 35) Directions excluding a person from an area

Section 39) Offences

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